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Editing photos

  • Switching the order of photos

    This feature is only available if you have activated VIP status .
    Open an album and rearrange the order of your photos however you prefer, by clicking and dragging them using your mouse.

  • Changing a photo caption

    Go to the album containing the photo whose caption you want to change. Click the photo, then «Add photo caption», enter your caption and click «Save».

  • Moving a photo to another album

    Go to the album containing the photo you want to move. Click on this photo, and in the window that pops up, click «Edit photo». In the «In the album» list, select the album you want to move the photo to, and then click «Save».

  • Deleting a photo

    Go into the album and hover over the photo. In the upper right hand side of the photo, a little cross in a red circle will appear. Click it, and the website will ask:«Delete?». Click «OK».

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